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March 23, 2021
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How To Add Location Tag or Location data to Image

  1. Turn on GPS or location services
  2. Turn on Location or location tags in camera
  3. Capture location photo

In iOS

  • iOS: Open Settings App

    Settings > Location Services > Trun ON ( Enable Location Service Icon )   

GPS ON - ios 2

Location Tags Enable in Iphone

  • Open iOS Settings App
  • Go to Location services
  • Go to Camera App
  • Click On While Using the App

location tag 3 ios

In Android

  • Drag or open notifications click on Location or GPS Button ( Check in below image )

Gps 2

  • In Alternate method
    • Open Setting in android device
    • Go to Security & Privacy (Security & Location, Location)
    • Enable Location (Select High Accuracy Mode)

Location Tag in Android

  • Open Camera App
  • Go to Camera Settings
  • Click on Location Tag Or Location ( Location Tag enabling in various android devices shown below)

Gps tags in android

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