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How to add a business location on Pointlocals Website
Pointlocals Support
March 14, 2021
1 min

Add A New Location

  1. Please Login in Pointlocals.com
  2. After Successful Login click on Add Location

add loc

Fill all mandatory blocks

1. Main Info :

* Enter Business Location Name.
* Enter Business Type – Product / Service.
* Enter Business products.
* Enter category.

Location Main info

2. Location: Search your location and pointing your location with blue point. Enter your business location address. Enter pin code of your location.

Photos Location

3. Details: Enter your Business location Elevation Length (Width of shop, Ex. 5,10,15 Feet’s)

elevation length & description

4. Gallery: Upload Fool Look Photo of your business location (Including both sides shops of your business location. Upload Entrance Photo of your business location (Business location Photo) Upload Interier Photo ( Inside or interier Photo of Business Location)

Photos Upload

5. Accept T&C Accept the Terms & Conditions and click on Save Location

tc pl

Successfully Your Business Location Uploaded Thank You

Pointlocals Support

Pointlocals Support Management

We are the support team for Pointlocals website. You may mail us for any query and we shall respond within two working days.

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